chemical peel

Is 'firm yet gentle' your type? Need to be red carpet ready by tomorrow? No matter your skin concern, JW MedSpa combine innovative skin therapy with pharmaceutical grade application.

Infuse your skin to a youthful splendor with Hydrafacial - or reduce the size of your pores with DiamondPeel Microdermabrasion. Create dramatic improvement in your skin's tone & texture with Vitalize Peel or stop by for that all night evening glow with a SkinCeuticals Gel Peel. For a more dramatic result, nourish your skin with the Vi Peel. Whatever your skin objective, JW MedSpa offers a multitude of safe & effective therapies that will leave a lasting impression

The Vegan Citrus

(Nourishing exfoliation for sensitive skin) ....$100


(Oxygen Infusion).............. $199

Gel Peel

(Nourish & Detox).............. $150


(Synergistic uniform exfoliation)........ $125

DiamondPeel Microdermabasion

(Polish skin texture)............ $150

Vitalize Peel

(Heal photodamage & tighten pores)... $300

Vi Peel

(Erase acne scars & photodamage)..... $300

Want more?

Consider boosting the anti-aging effect of your chemical peel with an IPL photofacial.
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