Micropeel (Dermaplaning)

  • Erases fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture and radiance
  • Supports healthy collagen levels for firmer skin
  • Creates even makeup applications

Micropeel is a three-step clinical treatment combining Dermaplaning (physical exfoliation), chemical exfoliation, and cryogenic therapy to virtually eliminate photoaging including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections.

Dry, Oily and Sensitive skin types lack natural humectants, MicroPeel is formulated to gently decongests pores while simultaneously hydrating underlying skin layers. Micropeel is an optimal starter and maintenance peel suitable for all skin types. Clients who schedule 8-12 treatments over a 1 year period will see optimal results.

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MicroPeel Treatment FAQs

What exactly is Dermaplaning

A manual exfoliation that safely and efficiently removes vellus hair and surface debris with a dermaplane tool, priming the skin for the application of a solution based on skin type.

I have Sensitive Skin, is the MicroPeel safe for my skin?

MicroPeel uses an exclusive tool designed to gently remove impurities from skin's surface. Patented solutions revitalize skin, decongest pores, and nourish sensitive skin with no irritation.

Does Vellus hair grow back thicker? Will I have more facial hair if I discontinue MicroPeel?

No. We all have 2 types of body hair, both Terminal & Vellus. An example of Terminal hair is the hair on our scalp. Vellus is hair grows only as a means to stabilize body temperature and insulate the body. It will not grow in thicker or darker.

What is Cryogenic therapy?

Cyro therapy is used to immediately increase the rate of cell turnover causing sun damaged cells to be shed. The pores appear smaller and facial color falls into balance by vasoconstriction and anti inflammatory skin response.

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Want more?

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